Volume 2, Issue 1

                                         Applied Sciences & Business Economics                                            Vol 2, Issue 1
S.no Title   Page No.
1 Efficacy and time mortality of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) by some essential oils through contact and fumigant methods


Waqar Jaleel, Qamar Saeed, Shafqat Saeed,  Tariq Ansari, Muhammad Nadir Naqqash and Naeem Iqbal

2 Effect of ZnSO4 mixed with different fertilizers on paddy yield of fine grain rice


Muhammad Nawaz, Nadeem Iqbal, Muhammad Usman Saleem and Mirza Muhammad Ashraf

3 Impact of Natural Vegetation on Socio-economic wellbeing of Rural Communities of Northern Chakwal


Saeed Akbar, Ghulam Akbar,  Farooq Tanveer and Mohammad Qasim

4 Pahari as Medium of Instruction: Prospects and Implications from Public Angle


Muhammad Gulfraz Abbasi  Zahoor Hussain and Muhammad Asif

5 Danger of Cultural Silence:A Study of Pahari Attrition in Pakistan


Muhammad Gulfraz Abbasi Zahoor Hussain and Muhammad Asif