About the Journal

          Applied Sciences and Business Economics Journal is online and printed international journal with the mission of providing free and extremely rapid scientific communication across the entire community of researchers. We publish high quality articles. Our peer-review is very fast, highly rigorous and it takes just 3-4 weeks, and, author (s) is carried along adequately in all the publication processes. Submission must be well researched, informed and demonstrate familiarity with the relevant literature, concept and theoretical perspective in the area of the study.

The Journal covers the followings Subjects and areas:

  1. Agricultural Sciences
  2. Applied Biology
  3. Accounts
  4. Business and management
  5. Commerce
  6. Mass Communication
  7. Information Technology
  8. Ecology
  9. Economics
  10. Food and Food Technology
  11. Genetics
  12. Geology
  13. Law
  14. Mathematics
  15. Medicine
  16. Nanotechnology
  17. Social Sciences
  18. English Literature & Linguistics
  19. Veterinary Sciences
  20. Zoology
  21. Computer Science
  22. Chemistry
  23. Physics
  24. Entomology
  25. Energy
  26. Engineering

          The above list is just indicative. The editors, welcomes thought provoking paper within the purview of other relevant fields of Social and Applied Sciences. All articles published in Applied Sciences and Business Economics are double-blind peer-reviewed.

The following types of papers are considered for publication:
Original articles in basic and applied research, critical reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays.


          Our main objective is to inform author (s) of the decision on his/her manuscript within few days of submission. Following acceptance, a paper will be published in the forthcoming issue of Journal.